Tantra is an experience where one can step out of the head and into the body, the senses, the heart, and the deeper truths that lie within, beneath the buzz that clouds us. It is a chance to strip away the layers of stress, confusion, noise, tension, and deeper into the parts of ourselves that long to melt, to flow, and to find deeper wholeness within our lives. I view tantra as both a spiritual and sensorily physical dance that merges many dimensions and creates a very holistic and transcendent experience. It is a chance to slow down, look within and listen deeper, to receive and surrender. 
  I have been doing tantra for 9 years now, and have found that my practice and my awareness of every individual’s unique needs have grown and flourished over time. Due to my background in massage, dance, and other forms of healing, I am able to create an intuitive, dynamic, and individually healing process for the soul and for the body. 




Education and Background 

-Tantra Massage Training at Red Ascension California 2010
-Tantra Massage training at Temple of Bliss, California 2015
-Tantra Massage training at Garden of Earthly Delights Berlin 2017
-Reiki Certification w/ Caroline Ruderman Reiki NY 2015
-Hypnosis Certification w/ American Hypnosis Association NY 2015
-Herbal Medicine Certificate at Northeast School of Botanical Medicine and Gaia School of Earth Education 2014 and 2016
-Deep Tissue and Swedish California 2013


For men and women:


  • Ritual of Intimate Touch 

  • Pelvic Care & Sessions

  •  Coaching

For couples:

  • Massage for couples

  • Triple Ritual


Language English



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Tel. +49 176 64 73 48 23  / info@schossraumwelten.com


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