Love on our skin and light on our shadows


28.02. - 03.03.2019

Thursday 17:00h to Sunday 20:00 h 



Franciska wrote :


Thank you for "THE EXPERIENCE" in your holy halls under 

Your gentle guidance. I will never forget these days!




Life is fragile, sensitive and it always moves into the unknown, that is its beauty...

When we think of Tantra & Tantra massage, we dream about openness, sensitivity and intimacy, overflowing joy and extended states of consciousness, longings and potentials that slumber in all of us. If we go then courageously and hopefully on this expedition, the reality often looks first of all differently  and we meet the traces of our past.
Instead of devotion we may experience separation and disconnection with our body, our feelings, our partner and the world. Instead of experiencing ecstasy, we turn in a carousel of thoughts and encounter grief, old pain and not seldom anger. Because our body remembers and has stored unconsciously the consequences of our small and large injuries and traumatic experiences, which we experience on our heroic journey life, in our highly sensitive nervous system and body tissue.  Traumas reduce our ability to be in present awareness and contact by replacing patterns of connectedness with patterns of self-protection. The knowledge that early experiences imprint the nervous system, but that it can be reshaped at any time by the actual experience, can give us hope. 
We carefully approach these topics and create a safe sense and feel space.
In dialogue with our body we explore the traces of our past and set gentle healing impulses and win back our body step by step. We do research with body awareness, contact, boundaries & resources and draw from the knowledge and understanding of current trauma science to face our wounds with more security, sensitivity and compassion, in a tantric context and in everyday life. Knowing that behind the pain there is joy.



*Gentle mapping and pelvic work 
*deep fascial bodywork , heart opening & breath release - breath work 
*Liberation of voice & expression


Thursday 17:00 - 22:00
Friday      10:00 - 20:00
Saturday  10:00- 20 :00
Sunday    10:00 - 20:00 

Seminar fee: 
360 € 

Moosdorf road 7-9 
12435 Berlin 
Treptower Park S-Bahn Station


For 10 years Jana has been researching and learning intensively in the areas of bodywork and consciousness, sexuality & spirituality, inspired and fascinated by the Tantric tradition and the knowledge of Taoism and Ayurveda.

With much love and dedication she shares her knowledge of the art of touch in sessions and seminars and creates mindful meeting and research spaces.

A mere caressing awakens our entire sensory organism and nourishes our deep need for closeness and security. Through careful touch we carefully recapture our body and listen to its wisdom. More sensitive and touchable we open ourselves to the experience of the world and overcome isolation and cut-offness step by step. Carried by the intuition that salvation & oneness is possible. If we accept our entire nature and live unreservedly present towards reality 

To experience this journey together and to create conscious and fulfilling culture is my wish and deep desire. 

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Tel. +49 176 64 73 48 23  / info@schossraumwelten.com


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