I would like to lead you on a journey, a journey away from all your thoughts and into your body and into your feelings.

We are haptic beings, touch and feelings are the first languages we encounter in this earthly life. As children we are strongly connected with our emotions, we know which kind of touch is wholesome for us and we communicate intuitively. Although human touch is incredibly healing, many people experience no more than a handshake or a quick hug in their everyday lives.


For me, conscious touch is one of the most powerful and liberating gifts in the world. When I am in deep connection with others, sometimes it feels as if someone is telling me a story or opening a door to an other universe. This form of sensual communication, which speaks to a million cells, can truly move us deeply within.


With my clear, honest and attentive touch, full of love and appreciation, I want to open a space, where you can return to yourself and reconnect with you -  with your body, your mind and your soul.


Come with me on this meditative and sensual exploration and let us together enter a safe space, where everything is allowed to simply be.


Let yourself fall and begin to float.




  • Trainingin  tantric massage Schoßraumwelten , January 2019 Berlin



For men & women:

  •  Ritual of Intimate Toch

For couples:

  • Massage for couples

  • Triple Ritual



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