Attentive, gently caressing and present touch is what we so much wish and need. What is possible, but little we experience/ know about is, feeling body vitality at ease, in silence. Soft breathing and listening to your body enable your sexual energy to heal and transform. to accompany people in that such experiences is a gift of beauty in my life



  • Training in sexual- and relationship therapy, with Ananda und Vibhuti in Berlin-Schöneberg (2017)

  • Instructor for WhiteLight Expansion Meditation, with Shai Tubali (2014)

  • Tantric Massage Training at Mandelmilch & Safran (Schossraumwelten), with Jana Reinwarth (2013)

  • Dipl-Wirt.Ing (2009)




For men and women:

  • Ritual of Intimate Touch

  • Intimate De-Armouring for women 

  • Coaching

  • Accompanying orgasmic breath in touch

  • Touch meditation White Light

For couples:

  • Massage for couples

  • Triple Ritual


Languages : German/ English / Russian / Spanish



Schönhauser Allee 73  2.Hof Aufgang D 10437 Berlin Prenzlauer Berg

Tel. +49 176 2023 8851  / info@schossraumwelten.com


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