Held and protected by my presence and touch, carried by your own breath,I'd like to invite you to join me in a space where there can simply be what is. The surface of our existence and identity may step into the background in the ritual and give space to what is tenderly and longingly or urgently and powerfully waiting inside of us to be experienced and accepted. 

It fills me with deep joy and fulfillment to be able to accompany you on this journey. Whether dance, Thai massage, Tantra, Taoism or BDSM - 
to explore the worlds we can enter through our bodies, with all their light and shadow: This is my great passion.




Jonas wrote 

Thank you :) 

It was a very nice energetic encounter with Jenny. 

Have a sunny day.

Love greetings 



For men and women:

  • Intimate Touch Ritual 

  • Coaching

For couples:

  • Massage for couples

  • Triple Ritual




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