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Dedication is the secret of wisdom, because dedication is the secret of love - and love is the only valuable knowledge. Osho  

Touch allows deep communication between two persons, it creates closeness and a feeling of security, and is a wonderful way to express our love and compassion. The Tantric massage worships a person, with all its facets, as divine and perfect. It touches the soul through the body, and welcomes its feelings and expressions.

Your whole body will be touched and cherished. Warm oil, soft feathers and scarves will awake your senses. You will be invited to let your attention sink inward, to allow yourself to enjoy and to take what this very moment wants to show. Naturally we bring your sexual energy into flowing and integrate it into your body feel.


We will be with you, with love and presence, during this very personal journey.

Yoni Massage

The word YONI comes from the indian Sanskrit and names in a loving way the entire female genital area. In a protected room , the yoni massage offers you the opportunity to go on an expedition into the interior of your femininity. She invites you to just do nothing and completely immerse yourself in your body sensation. Each Yoni massage is unique and can be used for the same woman again in a new experience.The massage can be done very gently to heal old wounds, or even very strongly and sensually. We are guided by you and your breath.

Lingam Massage

The word lingam comes from Sanskrit and is a name for the male genital area. With multifarious touches the lingam massage is opens a new space of sense. During the massage your lingam and your body will time after time be connected through the contacts and is so returning to their natural unity.The massage can be a very intense and pleasurable experience. It is unintentional and does not have an orgasm as a goal, we are trying to keep and convert the energy.


We are guided by you and accompany you lovingly and intuitively on this journey that takes place inside of the body.This massage is free of any expectation and pressure to perform.

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Rituals and Prices

All prices refer to the pure massage time. For a relaxed stay with us, up to 45 minutes are planned additionally.

Ritual of Intimate Touch

INCLUDING Yoni/ Lingam massage

1 1/2 hours 175 €

2 hours        225 € 

2 1/2 hours 275 €

3 hours        325 €

3 1/2 hours 375 €

Ritual of Intimate Touch 
4 Hand & Couples Massage

1 1/2 hours 330 €

2 hours        430 € 

2 1/2 hours 530 €

3 hours        630 €


We would like to point out here that you as our guest are in the passive, receiving role and we are in the giving. Mutual massages and other sexual acts are not part of the massage. Surrender and let happen.


We will gladly answer your questions in advance by  phone  or via email.




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