Training  - Modul 1

A sensual journey in to femininity

11. -18. Juni 2020 Corfu 



Franciska wrote :


Thank you for "THE EXPERIENCE" in your holy halls under 

Your gentle guidance. I will never forget these days!




„ Here in this body are the sacred rivers, here are the sun and the moon, and places of pilgrimage. I have not found another temple so delightful as my own body “ Saraha Doha

The tantric massage is a declaration of love to the human body, told through touch. It creates proximity and intimacy and opens us to experience a deep connection with ourselves, our partner and the world.


In a safe and nurturing space, amongst women, we will experience and express the magic of the tantric massage. One week we will apply ourselves to the various facets of this erotic art, each day exploring a new dimension of the tantric massage.

With space for questions, exchange, exercises and demonstrations.


At the end, every participant will be able to give a complete tantramassage, including  yonimassage and has experienced the pleasure of receiving.


Here we go into a sensual  winter!



We look forward to a beautiful and intensive time!

With love

Jana & Team 



Seminarfee 800 €

+ Accommodation & catering 480 €  1 week in a double room 

Venue : Alexis Zorbas Centrum Corfu

www.alexiszorbas.com - Octagon 

Question & thoughts to




Thought in English and German.


Off into a sensual winter!

You can find the booking form under the team description. 

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For 15 years Jana has been researching and learning intensively in the areas of bodywork and consciousness, sexuality & spirituality, inspired and fascinated by the Tantric tradition and the knowledge of Taoism and Ayurveda.

With much love and dedication she shares her knowledge of the art of touch in sessions and seminars and creates mindful meeting and research spaces.

A mere caressing awakens our entire sensory organism and nourishes our deep need for closeness and security. Through careful touch we carefully recapture our body and listen to its wisdom. More sensitive and touchable we open ourselves to the experience of the world and overcome isolation and cut-offness step by step. Carried by the intuition that salvation & oneness is possible. If we accept our entire nature and live unreservedly present towards reality 

To experience this journey together and to create conscious and fulfilling culture is my wish and deep desire. 

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