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Touch is, for infants, as important as water and food -

this insight from behavioural science caught me at the beginning of my exploration with touch and body contact. How do we experience the world through feeling and sensing? Why is the tactile sense at the same time active and passive? How do bodily contacts develop a beneficial, even healing effect – while wrong forms of touch can be the cause for harm and trauma? How do institutions regulate our bodies and how do we shape our feelings and sensations? What does physical contact mean for individuals, for groups, for society?


I consciously work with these questions by doing research as a cultural theorist, and as a bodyworker. This means: I read and write about body knowledge, sexuality and states of consciousness, and I participate in, and co-lead, a variety of workshops in dance, massage and BDSM practices. I am pleased to share my experiences, knowledge and skills by creating experiential spaces that are dedicated to the subjects of intimacy, bodies, encounters, play and the importance of limits.


We will create a session collectively together. I like working dynamically, moving the body gently by using my own body and the force of gravity as a kinetic instrument. But I also love to immerse into slowness and delicate subtlety. If it feels right, I appreciate using breath and voice to dive even deeper. If you feel like laughing, crying, singing, talking, humming – go for it! Furthermore, I am interested in using rope as a body-therapy tool to enable a sense of security, being held and to intensify experiences. 


My practice always leaves me touched by the courage it takes my guests to literally put themselves into my –initially a stranger's – hands. I also greatly respect and appreciate their search for self-care. Doing something good for yourself, and potentially also carefully confronting yourself with the so called inner demons,  can be understood as a rebellious act in a world that greatly profits from self-doubt.


I understand myself and my work as accompanying, holding space, simply working with all that you and I bring along, which is first and foremost allowed to just be here. Then I invite you to let go of what needs to go and unfold and expand what wants to flourish. If I would need to express my aspirations in one word, it would be: Empowerment.


All gender and sexual orientations are warmly welcome. 

It is my special wish to also create an open and inviting space for women and people from the LGBTQI+ community.



  • Training in tantric massage at  Schoßraumwelten (before Mandelmilch & Safran) / Jana Reinwarth & Ilan Stephanie

  • Group facilitator in the collective luhmen d'arc. at the Institute for Sexological Bodywork. Workshops :: Blissful Bondage, Shibari Basics, Power of Play – Tantra & BDSM, A wax meditation, On silly play, On aggression, On orgies. 

  • Master of Arts in the History and Theory of Culture, Humboldt University of Berlin



  • Lecturer and workshop instructor at the Queer Contact Improvisation Festival, Hamburg, 2018

  • Cashmeric Ritual of Touch at Mandelmilch & Safran's CI meets Tantra Festival, 2017

  •  Cantienica Pelvic Floor Training / Ilan Stephani, 2016

  •  Tantric massage for women Mandelmilch & Safran, 2016

  •  Rough Body Play, participation and assistance / Sheila Crux and Frank T. Khani, 2015, 2016

  •  Sinn&Seil, Rope Makes Sense and Bondage Intensive / Kristina Marlen, 2015, 2016

  •  Different Workshops and Performances at Schwelle 7, Xplore und Eurix / Felix Ruckert and others, since 2015

  •  Shiatsu Massage Workshop / Susanne Heil, 2014

  •  Butoh-Dance / Anna Barth, 2013 – 2014






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