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Let yourself be touched by the silence inside of you.

It is a powerful beauty to connect with our own sense to feel.Trusting our body wisdom entirely and facing our inner world from that place. There we get so many answers. And are amazed by new arising questions. It reminds us that our body is deeply intuitive in expressing itself, when we open ourselves to it. Surrendering into the waves of sensations, noticing what is happening inside of us. Observing the mind and letting it go again. Expressing and articulating what may come. Submerging again in the silence, being touched by it.

Loving and present touch supports us to find back again into our sense to feel and into deep trust. Dedicated to the entire body, and paying homage to the most intimate places of our bodies, the Intimate Touch Ritual is a beautiful way to experience us in our wholeness. And to feel and explore the inherent power of the pelvis. Deeply nourished and secure, we anchor ourselves in our body, flooded with power and energy. On this body journey I would like to accompany you sensitively.


  • Yoga Training 200h - 2016

  • Intuitive Thai Yoga Meridian Massage Training / Somatische Akademie - 2017

  • Yin Yoga Training - 2018/19

  • Body healing seminar - 2018

  • Tantric Massage for Women /Schoßraumwelten 2018

  • Loving Pelvic Care/ Schoßraumwelten 2018

  • Mayan Abdominal Massage Course– Guatemala 2019

  • Kashmiri Massage - Yoga of touch & Tandava - Schoßraumwelten 2019

  • Tantra & Trauma 2019 

  • Intuitive Ayurvedamassage 2020




Only For women

  • Ritual of Intimate Touch

  • Pelvic Care & Sessions

  •  Coaching

For couples

  • Massage for couples

  • Triple Ritual



German,  English, French



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Tel. +49 176 64 73 48 23  / info@schossraumwelten.com


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