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In order to grow and flourish , the humans need the touch so much as flowers water. 


For 14 years Jana has been researching and learning intensively in the areas of bodywork and consciousness, sexuality & spirituality, inspired and fascinated by the Tantric tradition and the knowledge of Taoism and Ayurveda.

​With much love and dedication she shares her knowledge of the art of touch in sessions and seminars and creates mindful meeting and research spaces.


A mere caressing awakens our entire sensory organism and nourishes our deep need for closeness and security. Through careful touch we carefully recapture our body and listen to its wisdom. More sensitive and touchable we open ourselves to the experience of the world and overcome isolation and cut-offness step by step. Carried by the intuition that salvation & oneness is possible. If we accept our entire nature and live unreservedly present towards reality 

To experience this journey together and to create conscious and fulfilling culture is my wish and deep desire. 


People who inspire and teach me in particularly

Ilan & Mari Stephani , Daniel Odier, Eric Baret , Dirk Liesenfeld , Jessica Walker & Amit Cameli, Giten Tonkov



​I passionately dance Contact Improvisation & Tango. 




  • Tantra massage training at the Tantra Zentrum / Dirk Liesenfeld & Silke Brusis 2006/2007

  • Training as Ayurveda Massage Therapist at Campus Naturalist 2007

  • Establishment of Mandelmilch & Safran, now Schossraumwelten, 2009

  • One year Holistic Bodywork ( Thai massage & trauma work  )

  •  Biodynamik Breath & Traumrelease / Giten Tonkov

  • In training Myofacial Energetic Release / Satyarthi Dylan Peloquin



  • Kashmirian Touch Ritual & Tandarva Daniel Odier 

  • Kali Praxis Daniel Odier 

  • Yin Yoga Training Stefanie Ahrent 

  • Training Tantra & Trauma Ilan & Mari Stephanie

  • Chi Nei Tsang  - Abdominal massage





Hello Atman, hello Jana,


I would like to thank you again for this weekend. It was a life-changing experience for me.It is absolutely not self-evident to me that a room for such intense and healing energy is held so sovereign and lovingly, how you did it and showed it. I wish you all the best for your work from the bottom of my heart and a lot of response. 



Hope to see you soon, and a hug from the heart.



Sandra , 43 Jahre old, from Berlin 


dear Mandelmilch & Safran team, i had the wonderful pleasure to be present at the tantra massage seminar! it was so much more than any thoughts"wishes, hopes or expectations  could have considered before! touched inside and outside equally......universal states... accepting strangers as they are...giving myself  in an unexpected, open way...it stimulates healing processes in different ways...I had looked for exactly this appreciative and attentive way of the TANTRA and found it with you....thanks ! that was a challenge to come to you as single. To enjoy, to let go, to give & receive. To appreciate feelings that are not only pleasant in me and then just let them go again. Many thanks to the wonderful open and present team, the rooms, the other participants.., the super team - the rooms - the fruit - participants - the LOVE - THANK YOU! I'll be back, 

With all kindness




Dear Jana, your beauty, your sensual charisma, your charm and your empathy make every encounter with you an extraordinary experience! A big compliment also for your stylish and lovingly designed homepage and for the design of your beautiful rooms! They are characterized by phantasy as well as precision and good taste.I wish you great success in your further work.

Steffen , 35years , from Berlin wrote:

Dear Jana, your Tantra massage gave me the tenderest touches I have known so far, from the tips of my hair to my toes. Embedded between the pre- and after conversation I felt understood and in very good hands with you. I wish you and your colleagues much success and an ever growing influx, because this experience is really worthwhile!

O. , 38 Years , from HH wrote 


Deeply touched 

w , 45 Years, From Berlin Wrote 

Dear Jana, thank you very much for the lovely time. I feel very gifted!

m , 36 Years , from Berlin wrote 

The most beautiful thing a body can do is fly. Thank you, Jana! 

Dirk , 40 , from Berlin wrote  

Ich wünsche Dir, liebe Jana und Deinem Team wertvolle, tiefgehende, menschliche Begegnungen.



For all genders


  • Intimate Touch Ritual 

  • Pelvic care Sessions

  • Breathwork & Traumarelease

  •  Coaching

For couples

  • Massage for couples

  • Triple Ritual




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