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We learn when we are humble enough to listen. 

Tantra massage is for me one of the most exciting and meditative ways to travel through ones own microcosm. A microcosm of the own senses and sensuality.Unconditional acceptance of unintentional touch.Because touch may be unintentional and free. Therein lies the beauty of this unique way to meet each other. Letting go, letting fall, a memory of one's own nucleus, carried by the longing for oneself. A space of sexual expansion. This exploratory journey i wish to create together with you.  

Together we may uncover the sexual confusions of this culture and its conditioning and move into the deep wisdom and beauty of physical intelligence. For we learn, if we are humble enough, to listen to our body lovingly and with presence. Depending on what topic or desire you bring along, a massage session is always individually designed and welcomes your questions, needs and limits.Techniques from structural deep tissue massage, Swedish massage and joint release can be incorporated. Breathing and expression are also important components and contribute to a holistic experience.

People who teach and inspire me on my own research and discovery journeys in the fields of Tantra, conscious sexuality, trauma and trauma healing, yoga and femininity are Jana Reinwarth, Diana Richardson, Ilan Stephani, Dami Charf and Iain Grysiak. 


  • Ritul of Intimate Touch , Schoßraumwelten 2018

  • Tantric Massage or women, Schoßraumwelten 2019

  • Kashmiri Massage - Yoga of touch & Tandava , Schoßraumwelten 2019



For Women, Men & Queers

  •   Intimate Touch Ritual 

  •   Pelvic care Sessions

  •   Touch and Massage Coaching

For couples & intimate friends

  • Massage for couples

  • Triple Ritual



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