"Far away from our ideas of right and wrong is a field. I'll meet you there. "Rumi 

Healing trough touch,  love by touching.

I love the people with rough edges,with everything they bring. Through my hands I want to speak love. To create a loving and attentive space , where enjoyment, pleasure and joy are just as welcome as sadness, pain and anger, that's my wish. 











  • Tantric training with Dieter Jarzombek 

  • Physiotherapy education 

  • Basic training Traditional Chinese Medicine 

  • Bowen Technique






Marc wrote :

I had my first tantra massage yesterday. I came to Lea with my insecurity, my fears and my difficulties. I have experienced a very deep encounter, yet unknown energies and a freedom that I have always longed for. I was afraid it could get awkward, insincere and maybe even filthy. In fact, I was led to ME in a powerful, gentle and very careful way. I have gone feeling my whole body, very touched and grateful in every pore.


Volker  wrote :

I have enjoyed Lene's touches three times. It happens much more than just a wonderful physical experience. The one who gets involved with Tantra will learn a lot about himself. Some things may surprise, upset you, and even free you.All I can say is that I have not regretted placing myself in Lea's hands on this path. I had an extraordinary tim with an extraordinary sensitive and open woman. Thanks Lea!

Volker wrote :


Dear Lea, dear team, until my encounters with Lea I was at best uncertain, even skeptical about Tantra. I would never have thought that I would experience such sensations and touches. It is true, as others have already written here: You create a wonderfully relaxed atmosphere and Lea is enchanting in her whole being, conveying security and sensuality at the same time. I am very happy to have experienced this and will surely come back! 

Marie , 27 years , from Berlin wrote:

Thanks for this great tantra massage(+Y)! I'm sure that was the best birthday present I've ever received! With the promise that time is not always against us when it comes to experience. I would like to recommend it to women - as a way to get to know yourself better, to do something good for yourselve and have fun.

Once again THANK YOU Lea


H., 50 years old, in transition wrote 

Dear Lea, kidnapped by you into another world... what could be more beautiful. A piece of dream remains, even when reality returns. Kind regards and stay like you are H.

Andreas, 46 years old, travelling wrote :

He exists! Heaven on earth. in Kreuzberg, under Lea´s hands. I can't believe what you did to me, dear Lea! Your loving nature, your attention, your powerful relaxing hands with felt approx. 1.000.000 fingers and last but not least the enlivening conversation with you beautiful woman catapulted me directly into heaven. I thank you from the bottom of my heart and wish you a Merry Christmas! And keep the light in you! I'll come back sometime!



Daniel, from Berlin wrote :

Once again a big THANK YOU for the best massage in the world to Lea. Every time I think it can't get any better, but she will make it again and again (-; Thanks and i wish you and your team a nice time, until next time.

All the best




Stefan, 41 years old, from Berlin wrote :

Thank you for the wonderful time with you, dear Lea, I am still deeply moved by my first Tantra massage. This may not have been the last. Thank you

Andreas, 34 years old, from Berlin wrote :

Thanks Lea, I had no more words after the massage. Feel like I'm starting a new path. It was a very nice experience to let oneself fall as a man and not have to \\\\" function\\\\" for once. And to feel completely accepted. Thank you.


For men and women:

  • Intimate Touch Ritual 

  • Pelvic Bowl Rituals & Sessions

  • Prostate Massage 
  •  Coaching

For couples:

  • Massage for couples

  • Triple Ritual


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