For men and women:

  • Intimate Touch Ritual 

  • Pelvic Bowl Rituals & Sessions

  •  Coaching

For couples:

  • Massage for couples

  • Triple Ritual



The inspiration you seek is already within you. Be silent and listen”  Rumi  

The Ritual of Intimate Touch is a holistic and sensual journey along the landscapes of your body, inviting your body to expand its range of sensation. A space is created in which presence and love are your guides, allowing you to become aware of your thoughts, feelings and sensations. Dance through various realms of awareness and sensation, and stay connected to your breath, sound and movement. There is nothing to do – simply breathe, feel and fully receive.

​Sahra was born into a mixed family of Austrian and Egyptian descent, and grew up in a multi-cultural context in London. Having been raised trilingual among an intriguing blend of cultures; she developed both the competence and communication skills to work with diversity and conflict. Sahra travelled through Egypt, Spain, Thailand, India and Japan; working as a teacher, counselor and massage therapist. She currently facilitates workshops within the field of sexuality, conscious touch, embodiment and authentic communication in Berlin. She also works as a Coach, Bodyworker and Facilitator in Schoßraumwelten.


Sahra has been massaging since 2007 and is certified in Indian Head Massage, Tibetan Body Massage and Thai Massage. She has learnt Kashmiri Massage and is an ongoing student of Holistic Bodywork, Trauma Healing and Thai Massage Therapy. She has taken part in numerous workshops, including Coaching from Sexological Bodywork, Genital Meditation and Yoni Mapping. She has also completed the Spiritual Sexual Shamanic Healing Training with ISTA (International School of Temple Arts) and Conscious Sensuality.

  • Tantra Massage Trainings at Schoßraumwelten (former Mandelmilch & Safran

  • Thai Massage & Holistic Bodywork (Trauma Healing)

  • Tibetan Massage

  • Indian Head Massage

  • Conscious Sensuality

  • ISTA - Spiritual Sexual Shamanic Healing



  • Coaching at BeAumArt - Holistic Bodywork

  • Coaching at Sexological Bodywork

  • Youth counselor for people under 25 in crisis

  • Kashmiri Touch Ritual in Mandelmilch & Safran at Ci meets Tantra Festival 2014





Many thanks for the massage earlier today, it was such a beautiful experience. The sensations I felt were a lot stronger than I imagined they would be; it really was quite intense and incredible. I would definitely like to have another massage in the future! 





I felt energy running through my body more freely, especially through my hips. I had a sense of feeling more alive and more naturally expressive. That not only was apparent to me but I also saw it in the effect I had on people I met. Your massage was a great experience for me. An energetic opening that I want to explore more. 




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