Come as you are.

Come as you were.

Come as you want to be.

Come and just be you.

Arrive and feel


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As a human being,

as a beautiful soul,

who look for love and


that heals  with  warmth

and  unintentional touch

Take your time.

For you.

Don't hurry.

Have a break.

And don't be late anyway.

Wake up.

The choice is yours.

The choice to be.

The choice to live.

The choice to evolve.

The choice for sensuality and pleasure.

The choice to remember the real you.

The divinity within you.

The divinity within us.

The choice to be in the here and now as a wonderful privilege, filled with appreciation and presence. 

The choice to do research and discover yourself anew.

The choice to have the courage to start and continue your individual journey into the unknown.

The choice to stay excited and see what treasure she will then lead you to, with what new glamour she will let you celebrate.


The choice to have the courage to take off the masks, to let go of the old and create new space for all this, what's on the wish list and 
would like to strike the roots of realization long ago.

The choice to discard facets of society, to make yourself free, to let yourself be seen and looked at and then to shine in your uniqueness

As a unique one!

Education and Background 

  • Ritual of Intimate Touch, Schoßraumwelten 2018

  • Tantric massage for women , Schoßraumwelten 2019

  • Tantra & Trauma / Schoßraumwelten 2019 



For Women, Men & Queers

  •   Intimate Touch Ritual 

  •  Cuddling sessions, meditation and  movement 

For couples & intimate friends

  • Massage for couples

  • Triple Ritual


German, English, Russian 



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