Training - 4 Modules -




One needs to leave things
To their own undisturbed development
Which comes from deep inside
And can't be rushed,
Gestation is all – and

then giving birth.

Ripen like the tree,
That doesn't rush its sap
And stands confidently in the spring storms,
Without fear
That no summer will follow.

Because it will come!

But it will only come to those who are patient,
Those who live as if eternity
Was still lying in front of them,

So carefree, calm and vast …


One must have patience

With everything unresolved in the heart
and try to love the questions themselves
as if they were locked rooms
or books written in a very foreign language.


It's a matter of living everything.
When you live the questions, perhaps you will enter, gradually, 
without even noticing it
one of those days
into living the answers.

 A delicate and trauma-sensitive journey
into the universe of tantric massage

Finely tuned, we combine and unite the wisdom of ancient mystical traditions with the knowledge and insights of today's world on trauma, body and consciousness, female sexuality & spirituality and create a loving and profound research journey into the depths of our being.

In four modules we explore the magic of tantric massage, the power of the pelvis, through loving lap/womb work and us as sensual and living embodied beings.  We devote special attention to our body, the home of our being. Knowing how deeply precious and important touch and human contact are for us to blossom. We use different tools to invite to deeply feel, to let go and to let in, which support you in your journey into your femininity and a fulfilled sensuality and sexuality. Insights into understanding current trauma - and body knowledge give us the security and ability to lovingly and wisely hold space for each other and others.   


You can start your journey with any "module" and in your own time and rhythm. We meet in beautiful and deeply nourishing places, in a safe circle among women. 

Feel warmly welcomed to join us!

 „ Here in this body are the sacred rivers, here are the sun and the moon, and places of pilgrimage. I have not found another temple so delightful as my own body “ Saraha Doha


10.- 17. October 2020

Monte da Orada - Portugal

The tantra massage worships the human being with all its facets as divine and perfect. It is a declaration of love to the human body, told through touch. Through the body it touches the soul and welcomes its expressions and feelings. Every cell of our body is appreciated, sensitized and nourished with loving attention. This creates closeness and intimacy and opens us to experiences of deep connection with ourselves, our partner and the world.  

In a protected and attentive setting among women, we would like to experience the magic of the tantric massage and provide loving and well-founded instructions for the ritual of the classical tantric massage.

We will take a week of time and dedicate ourselves to the facets of this erotic art. Every day we add another piece to the tantric massage mosaic.

We integrate the Yoni Massage in a sensitive and attentive way, a wonderful way to allow deep sensations and vitality to reappear and to encounter our sexuality in a nourishing and healing way, accompanied by security, understanding and acceptance.

All individual boundaries, questions and processes have explicit space!


  • Tantric touch ritual for women

  • Yonimassage  

  • Supporting meditations, physical exercises and practices

Imparted background knowledge 

  • Tantric tradition - philosophy and practice

  • Sensuality and sexual energy

  • Female sexuality and anatomy

  • Presence, trust & boundaries

  • Touch and its significance

Seminar fee


850 € 

Repeaters 425 € 

Plus 470 € accommodation and meals /

1week in a shared room


Monte da Orada - Portugal

"Life is fragile, sensitive and it always moves into the unknown, that is its beauty"



Love on our skin and light on our shadows

08. -14. November 2020
Monte da Orada

When we think of Tantra & Tantra massage, we dream about openness, sensitivity and intimacy, overflowing joy and extended states of consciousness, longings and potentials that slumber in all of us. If we go then courageously and hopefully on this expedition, the reality often looks first of all differently  and we meet the traces of our past.

Instead of devotion we may experience separation and disconnection with our body, our feelings, our partner and the world. Instead of experiencing ecstasy, we turn in a carousel of thoughts and encounter grief, old pain and not seldom anger. Because our body remembers and has stored unconsciously the consequences of our small and large injuries and traumatic experiences, which we experience on our heroic journey life, in our highly sensitive nervous system and body tissue.  Traumas reduce our ability to be in present awareness and contact by replacing patterns of connectedness with patterns of self-protection. The knowledge that early experiences imprint the nervous system, but that it can be reshaped at any time by the actual experience, can give us hope. 

We carefully approach these topics and create a safe sense and feel space.
In dialogue with our body we explore the traces of our past and set gentle healing impulses and win back our body step by step. We do research with body awareness, contact, boundaries & resources and draw from the knowledge and understanding of current trauma science to face our wounds with more security, sensitivity and compassion, in a tantric context and in everyday life. Knowing that behind the pain there is joy.


Deep structural and fascial bodywork

  •  Breath ,chest & heart opening

  •  Legs & Hip, Grounding / Psoas 

  • Breath work and Emotional Release 

  •  Healthy boundaries and courage towards rage 

  • Methods to regulate the nervous system 

Imparted background knowledge 

  • Trauma Knowledge - Nervous System /  Fight and flight -/ Polyvagal theory

  • Trauma & Body - Body Memory

  • Resilience - Window of tolerance 

  • Fascinating fascia
  • Respiration and trauma

  • Feelings & Emotions

  • Regulated nervous system 

Seminar fee

850 € 

Plus 480 € accommodation and meals / 1 week double or shared room


Monte da Orada

"And I told my body gently; I want to be your friend. He took a long breath and answered; I have waited all my life for this." Nayyrah Waheed


Yoni Whispering - The pelvic Mystery

Date and Place is coming soon.

We dive deeper into the secrets of our womb and listen to its voice and wisdom and flood it with consciousness and love.  We dedicate ourselves to the centers of our lives, the sacred birthplaces of our bodies. We impart gentle techniques and knowledge to approach our pelvis with respect and warmth and let it glow. By completely trusting our body, tuning in and allowing it to be sensitive.  .


Imparted background knowledge 

  • Kashmiri Massage -Yoga of touch

  • Abdominal Massage - Maya & Tao

  • Pelvis & Yoni mapping / De armouring

  • Breast and cervix exploration 

  • Throat, jaw & pelvis connection, deep structural fascial work

  • Liberation of  the voice & expression

  • Breathwork

  • Anatomy of the pelvis and abdominal organs

  • Pelvic and jaw connection

  • Breasts, cervix & female ejaculation 

  • Trauma & Digestion

  • Trauma, Language and Expression

Seminar fee

900 € 

Monte da Orada




  Place & Dates 2021

Coming soon !

Healing happens deep within ourselves. By opening us over and over again for ourselves and meeting us in acceptance. By finding our way back into deep connection moment by moment. And by learning to embrace and explore ourselves in our depth.
The love we give ourselves in the flow of attention is the foundation for how we encounter life.
We lovingly illuminate the topic of self-love and explore and develop practices and rituals that support us in our daily lives to feel, care and to hold space for ourselves. From which sources and resources can we draw to nourish ourselves, to connect with ourselves and life and to feel our inner wholeness?
Which unconscious beliefs and behaviours stand in our way of living joy and abundance? How can we recognize, appreciate and dissolve them, layer by layer? 

We look forward to exploring these important topics together, finding answers and many new questions.  

Imparted background knowledge 


850 € 


  • Self-love rituals

  • Selfmassage 

  • Selfpleasure - intimacy with yourself 

  • Orgasm, a source of power

  • Thought care , beliefs & intentions 

  • Daily meditations, practices & visualization

  • Tantric Meditation

  • Steaming

  • Nutrition

  • Nature as a Resource 

  • Movement, dance, creativity & expression

  • Yin Yoga

  • Nurturing relationships and contact

  • Shake, shake, shake

  • Dealing with emotions & anger

  • Beliefs, Body & Trauma

  • Emotionen 

  • The malleable brain - creator of our reality

  • Unlearning and new learning

  • Relationships and their dynamics - Insights of Development Trauma

  • Finding Resources

  • Compassion and gratitude 


Touched by the sensory journey body, the power of our intuition and the intelligence of our body wisdom, Elena has been deepening her knowledge and experience in the fields of yoga and meditation, bodywork and self-awareness for several years.

She is accompanied and guided by the questions of how we can live deep connectedness, learn to embody ourselves and grow into our own responsibility.

Moved by the depth that arises when women show themselves to each other with courage and devotion, truly meeting each other and devoting themselves to their bodies and wombs together, she wants to create powerful spaces that expand our authentic encounter with ourselves and life.


For 15 years Jana has been researching and learning intensively in the field of bodywork and consciousness, sexuality and spirituality, inspired and fascinated by the tantric tradition and today's knowledge of body trauma and consciousness.

​With much love and dedication she shares her knowledge of the art of touch in sessions and seminars and creates mindful meeting and research spaces.

A mere caressing awakens our entire sensory organism and nourishes our deep need for closeness and security. Through careful touch we carefully recapture our body and listen to its wisdom.

More sensitive and touchable we open ourselves to the experience of the world and overcome isolation and cut-offness step by step. Carried by the intuition that salvation & oneness is possible. If we accept our entire nature and live unreservedly present towards reality ​
To experience this journey together and to create conscious and fulfilling culture is my wish and deep desire.



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