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We are open again and offer massages in accordance with special hygiene and infection protection measures.

We make sure that the required distance is maintained before and after the massage.


The massages take place with mouth and nose cover. Please bring your own mask to the massages. If needed you can get one from us. The masseurs also wear masks during the massages, facial massages are not offered for now.

Even more than usual, before and after your visit we pay attention to a comprehensive disinfection of the contact surfaces in the rooms and in the bathroom, as well as a good ventilation of the rooms.

In every room you will find a disinfectant
upon arrival at our premises you will be asked to wash or disinfect your hands. 

To enable contact tracking in the case of a Covid 19 infection, we ask you kindly to provide us with your contact details.


Please visit us only if you do not show any signs of a virus infection. 

We look forward to seeing you! 

Tantra the path of totality

For tantra there is no seperation between light and darkness, between human and the divine. Duality is only an illusion and heaven and earth are united in truth. Tantra is a profound encounter with the reality of life. Life is experienced with all senses and imbued with consciousness. Nothing is rejected, the reality is seen, accompanied by deep acceptance and allowance. Tantra says truth frees and consciousness is the way. A quiet mind free of interpretation and old concepts prepares the ground on which the flower of unity and perfection always can blossom again, here and now. Tantra is through and through a path of experience and humanity. It allows us all our feelings and desires. It want to withdraw the deep division in us and opens us for probably the biggest gift; to be spontaneous, natural and in flow with life.


Monday till Sunday

10:00 - 22:00 o'clock  
Dates by appointment only

Phone 0049 176 64 73 48 23



Schossraumwelten /

My Temple 

Matkowskystraße 4

10245 Berlin 

S - Bahnhof Ostkreuz



The highest destination of the traveller is not to know anymore what he is looking at. Every living being, every thing gives the opportunity for a journey, for a contemplation.



Thank you Johan for your sensitive eye. Wonderful how you made this inner journey visible. Filmed at our Contact & Tantra Laboratorio 2014 @ Ponderosa 



Matkowskystraße 4, 10245 Berlin Friedrichshain / S - Bahnhof Ostkreuz

Tel. +49 176 64 73 48 23  /


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